For People Looking To Tap Into New, Higher Levels Of Motivation & Achievement...
Motivation Is A Choice! Discover Proven Strategies That Will Help You Tap Into New, Higher Levels Of Consistent, Controllable & Lasting Motivation On Demand!
Motivation Is A Choice! 
Discover Strategies That Will Help You Tap Into New, Higher Levels Of Consistent, Controllable & Lasting Motivation On Demand!
Inside Ignition, you will learn the motivation strategies that will bring you controllable, predictable, sustainable & lasting levels of motivation in your life.
In this advanced level, 8-module, video training program - including over 7 hours of video training, MP3 downloadable audio files (listen anywhere), slides & resources - you'll discover how you can take full control of your motivation (and sustain it).
Here Are Just Some Of The Things You'll Learn Inside Ignition:
Some of the things you'll learn inside module #1:
  •  The Science Of Willpower & Motivation (how willpower works, the 2 core things that drain it, how it regenerates & most importantly, how to train it for greater, more sustainable motivation)
  •  The Simple, Yet Powerful, Psychological Concept That Explains Why People Tend To Have Motivation In The Morning, But Lack It In The Evenings (and the specific steps you can take to tap into greater levels of consistency in your motivation during the day)
  •  The 3 Patterns Of How Successful People Use Their Willpower During The Day (and how you can follow these specific patterns)
  •  How You Can Setup Simple 'Motivation Workouts' That Automatically Make You More Motivated & Self-Disciplined
  •  1 Simple Exercise - That Takes Less Than 10 Mins Per Day - That Latest Research Has Shown Radically Increases Self Control & Overall Motivation (this is a common pattern of high achievers..)
  •  Research-Based Strategies That Will Help You Generate More Motivation & Achievement By Simply Re-jigging What You Do Each Hour Of The Day (this will allow you to achieve far more without actually changing anything you do - just the timing of when you do it)
  •  The Day Construction Method (learn how to effectively ''construct'' an incredible day, every day - one filled with results & true fulfillment)
Some of the things you'll learn inside module #2:
  • The 4 Forces That Shape All Our Decisions (once you understand these, it will put your brain to work to make you more motivated!)
  •  How Your Mind Processes Short-Term & Long-Term Ambitions - As Well As Intrinsic & Extrinstic Rewards (understanding this will give you back control of your own psychology & day-to-day motivation)
  •  Why Simply Telling Yourself ''I'm Going To Be Motivated'' & Other Affirmations DON'T WORK (and the slightly counterintuitive approach to building actual self belief & motivation)
  •  The 3 Fundamental Beliefs You Must Believe To Get Yourself To Do Something (if you miss any one of these 3, your odds of being motivated to do something - like go the gym, complete that project or pursue that ambition - plummet. I'm been there... it sucks!)
  •  The 2 Core Causes Of Procrastination (and how to remove them to unlock more motivation in your life to do the things that really matter)
Some of the things you'll learn inside module #3:
  • The 8 Influencing Factors That Your Brain Turns To When Making Decisions (when you learn these, it will give you the power to flick the 'motivation switches' in your brain to be more motivated at any time)
  •  How To Truly Make 'Motivation A Choice' In Your Life - The 12 Levers For Motivation On Demand (& the specific strategies for activating these 12 psychological levers - based on the 4 forces & 8 influencing factors - that will help you give you motivation on demand)
  •  Why 'Not Giving A F*ck About How You Feel' Is A BAD Motivation Strategy (and the simple process you can apply to predictably manage your state, feel great AND be more motivated)
  •  The Often-Overlooked 'Bridge' That Allows You To Do The Things You May Not Initially Want To Do (and do them with real excitement)
  •  How To Create Strong Habits That Automatically Make You More Effective (and build flexibility right into those habits)
  •  Learn When To Set Deadlines (and when NOT to, or else you actually make yourself less motivated & far less effective)
  •  How You Can Take Advantage Of 'Untapped Willpower' That You Still Have Even When Your Mind & Body Tells You That You Don't (it's like a car.. even when the fuel tank says 'empty,' there's still some fuel left - this will help you use that fuel other don't even realize exists)
Some of the things you'll learn inside module #4:
  • How You Can Easily Crystallize Your Ambitions & Desires (and the science behind why your brain will psychologically reward you with greater motivation when you get clear on what you actually want)
  •  The 3 Step Exercise That Will Help You Tap Into Greater Clarity, Confidence & Motivation (it's a exercise in which you strategically reverse-engineer who you need to become to achieve what you want)
  •  How To Choose The Right Incentives That Give You & Others The Greatest Increase In Short-Term & Long-Term Motivation (warning: not all incentives are equal & some actually kill your motivation)
  •  How You Can Effectively Leverage The Power Of Accountability (without having to spend thousands on coaches, personal trainers or accountability partners - saving you thousands of dollars)
  •  1 Natural Psychological Tendency That We - As Human Beings - All Have (that once you understand, will allow you to better position yourself & set yourself up for short-term & long-term achievement)
  •  Case Study: The 1 Motivation Strategy I Used To Motivate Myself To Write A 200 Page Book In 4.5 days, Even When I Wanted To Quit! (and how you can apply this strategy to achieve anything faster!)
  • 2  Simple Strategies You Can Use To Make Things That Seem 'Hard' Become Many Times Easier To Do (it's all about perception)
  •  Case Study: The Mental Shift (Strategy) I Used To Generate Greater Motivation & Complete A Half Marathon I Was Running (even when I began to think about quitting after the 8th kilometer)
  •  How To Turn Fear Into Power With This, Slightly Counterintuitive, Exercise (with less fear, comes greater motivation to do something)
  •  How You Can Strategically Use Your Past To Remove Doubt & Uncertainty When You're Faced With Obstacles & Challenges (plus, a 5 min exercise that will help you remove those doubts faster)
  •  The Simple Psychological Concept That Explains What Really Creates Confidence (and how you can use it to tap into lasting confidence at any skill, task, environment or situation you are in)
  •  Belief Building 101How Your Mind Builds Up Beliefs (and how you can use this understanding to consciously create powerful beliefs that support you to achieve your goals)
Some of the things you'll learn inside module #5:
  • How To Effectively Maximize The 8 Influencing Factors to make the hard things easy to do & make your motivation last.
  •  The 2 Things That Control How You Feel - Your 'State' - As Well As, 1 Powerful Strategy You Can Use, At Any Moment, To Change Your State, Near Instantly (these form the foundations for 'state management' - something that will allow you to achieve more in any environment & crush it every day!)
  •  How To Effectively Remove Negetive Self-Talk (a.k.a. the bullsh*t your mind tells you to 'protect you' that makes you doubt, lose confidence & fear the future) and how to replace it with positive self-talk that empowers you to achieve your goals.
  •  5 Simple Questions You Can Ask Yourself, At Any Moment, To Change Your State, Feel Empowered & as a result, make yourself feel more motivated to do the things that seemed difficult beforehand.
  •  A State Management & Motivation Strategy that turned a scared-of-making-a-call salesman into a $500K / yr commission earning machine!
  •  How To Create A Badass, Kickass Environment Around You That, Almost Automatically, Drives Up Your Level Of Performance!
  •  How You Can Strategically 'Set Yourself Up For Success (so that, even when you have 'bad days', you can turn them into 'great days')
  •  How To Use The Internet, Social media, & Email To Actually Motivate You (instead of distracting you) by making 1 small tweak..
  •  How To Turn Successes Into Even Greater Future Motivation By Mentally Reinforcing Hard Work & Effort (plus, the exact 3 words that an Olympic Champion uses to build momentum & motivation)
  •  3 Factors That Shape Every Habit In Your Life (and how you can consciously create powerful habits that serve you for life & make the hard things in your life, almost effortless over time..)
  •  The #1 Area Of Your Life You Should Focus On FIRST, that will make achievement in all other areas of your life many times easier!
  •  How To Plan Your Day In A Way That Automatically Promotes & Activates Greater Motivation
Some of the things you'll learn inside module #6:
  •  How To Set Goals In A Way That Maximizes Motivation Gain, Drive & Pulls You Towards Them (most people set goals in the wrong ways)
  •  Proven Strategies You Can Use To Turn Failures Into Greater Motivation (once you learn this & use it, you eliminate all downside. You success = greater motivation! You fail = greater motivation!)
  •  3 Power Questions For Purpose (these questions will help you dive deeper into where you are, where you want to be & the journey to get there - giving you greater clarity, confidence & motivation)
  •  Why Make A 'Hate List' Will Help You Discover What You Actually Want To Achieve (and how you can begin to make one)
  •  Keys To Identifying What You Really Want In Your Life & How To Create A Strategic Plans To Achieve Them (learn to execute with more clarity, purpose & vision in your life)
  •  BONUS: The Purpose Exercise (a strategic process that will help you discover - with complete clarity - what it is you want to achieve in life)
Some of the things you'll learn inside module #7:
  • How The World's Highest Achievers Train Their Self-Discipline to make 'working hard' and doing 'difficult things' EASY!
  •  How to effectively develop self discipline (so that, no matter what the situation, environment, context or timing, you still follow through, get sh*t done & achieve)
  •  The Science Behind Why Stress Is One Of The Biggest Killers Of Motivation (and how you can begin to remove it for more motivation)
  •  How To Turn The Distractions Around You Into Triggers That Near Automatically Make You More Motivated!
  •  How To Make Any Change You Want To Make More Effectively (based on the approach of world leaders like Martin Luther King Jr, Gandhi & Mother Teresa)
  •  The 1 Simple Question America's First Female Billionaire Was Asked During Her Childhood (that allowed her to fall in love with failure & use failure as motivation for future success)
  •  2 Strategies To Break Out Of Any Plateau Or Rut (so that you can avoid getting 'stuck' & effectively move up to higher levels of success)
  •  Proven Strategies For More Effectively Resisting Temptations (so you can take the power back from the big companies & corporations & take back control of your motivation)
Some of the things you'll learn inside module #8:
  • The 3 Steps Of The Momentum Cycle (this is why the rich get richer & the poor get poorer - and it's once you understand this that you can effectively than ever before build up moment & create an upwards spiral of constant motivation & achievement)
  •  The 4 Steps To Lasting Change (and how you can create powerful progress in any area of your life faster & with more clarity)
  •  A Practical Conversation About Luck (and how it actually shows up in our lifes - which is very different than most would suspect)
  •  How You Can Tailor All The Strategies & Tactics Within This Program To Your Own Strengths & Ambitions (because the greatest results comes from combining strategies with tailored personalization)
  •  How To Build Greater Consistency Into Our Lives (so that you are consistently performing at high levels & achieving extraordinary things)
  •  Powerful Implementation Strategies That Will Help You Implement More Of What You Know Into What You Do
  •  How To Quickly & Effectively Implement What You Learn Inside Ignition To Get The Best Results From This Program
And A Whole Lot More...
What Specifically Is Inside The Ignition Program?
  • 7+ hours of advanced-level video training (lifetime access).
  •  Downloadable MP3 files (listen anywhere, anytime).
  •  315 slides & visuals (downloadable)
  •  16 'stop & execute' exercises (crafted for immediate implementation).
  •  Additional, checklists, downloads, PDF's, exercises & more..
The Best Motivation & Self Discipline Training. Guaranteed!
If after 30 days, you don't believe that Ignition is the best motivation & self-discipline online video training program you've ever gone through, and isn't worth at least 5X your investment here today, we'll give you a 100% refund (absolutely no questions asked). Full, 30-day, no-questions-asked, money back guarantee.

In essence, you have 30 days to test drive Ignition, risk-free, and if after 30 days, you don't see the value, we'll refund your order 100%. Get started risk-free today.
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